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Finding Peace Through God

Peace of mind is something that we all want.  We all want to be able to rest, to not have to worry, to feel free to enjoy life, family, friends, work, church, hobbies, entertainment, etc.  We want to be able to enjoy ourselves and not be burdened with worries that rob us of happiness, life, and our feeling of purpose.  Sometimes when we can’t find peace of mind, we get depressed.  Some get angry and lash out at God or someone else near to them.

Abraham Lincoln was once quoted on his thoughts about peace and happiness in our lives:  Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  I would tend to agree with President Lincoln.  The question I want to ask you is…  Are you seeking peace and happiness in your life and if you are where are you seeking it?  From earthly objects, countless self help books in the library or Are You Seeking Peace Through God?

Please join us as we look at 3 applications from Philippians 4:6-9 of not only how we can obtain peace through God, but how God expects us to seek peace through Him!

Power Point | Listening Guide | Audio

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