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Are You Ready for Growing Pains?

Today as Christians do their part to help the Gospel of Christ be spread we try many new ways to reach the lost.  But, from time to time we need to take an inventory of the fruits of our labor to see if we are doing the right things to reach the lost. Some of the easiest ways to reach them may be the common things we don’t even realize.

I’m finding most of our churches want to grow, but they are not willing to pay the price it requires.  Do not misunderstand.  Churches pay prices.  Expensive prices.  But they are not paying the price growth requires!”   (In the Line of Fire, Larry West)

We are doing everything but what it takes to make churches grow!  We are paying prices, expensive prices, every price but the price growth requires!”  (In the Line of Fire, Larry West)

Quotes like these from countless church growth studies raises a question as to whether we are willing to pay the price to grow.  If we continue to do the same thing in the same way, we should expect the same result!  But if we will consider the following ideas 1) Sound Teaching plus 2) Evangelizing as a Team Effort plus 3) Making sure our Attitudes Expect Growth plus 4) Understanding we all have our own unique way that we can Evangelize plus 5) Counting the Cost of Growth and working towards it for the good and Growth of the Kingdom of God I know we can and will grow for the Lord.

Please join me in this 5 part study on what we can do as a body of Christ to help the Kingdom of God grow.  (the complete 5 part series conducted by Andrew Roberts and Adam Pogue can be found and heard @ www.thebibleway.org)

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