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What it Takes to Finish for Christ

How many of you can relate to playing sports when you were younger and being told over and over again by a coach that you will need to finish strong if you expect to win the game?  Can you relate to having a favorite team or individual athlete you watch and getting upset when they seem to give up at the end when they face adversity?  How many of you can relate to watching your children or grandchildren and no matter the outcome of their game the most important thing you want to see is them finish strong?

I recently watched a show on TV about the Green Beret training course for the United States Army.  I forget the exact number, but I believe 200 plus began the training.  As it continued only 50 or less finished the course and gained the honor of becoming a part of the United States Army Green Beret.

Why could only 50 or less make the cut?  Well as the show documented for many reasons but mainly because of the inability to mentally or physically finish the training.  What about as Christians?  If you took a truthful inventory of your daily walk with the Lord are you still living in a way that continues to stay strong for Christ or are you failing mentally or physically for God?

We learn from Luke 14:25-35 that anything less than 100% radical commitment to Christ is not commitment at all.  Satan constantly hurls worldy living at us but to be the Christian Jesus expects us to be, we must be able to finish the race to inherit an eternal home in heaven.

Please join me as we look at 3 lessons Jesus teaches in Luke 14 to equip ourselves with the skills to “Finish the Race for Christ.”

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