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Does Revelation 20 Teach Premillennialism?

Through the centuries the book of Revelation has become a breeding ground for false teachings of every kind.  Many different teachings created by men have been based from it such as – creating an authority for instruments to be used in worship to God (harps in heaven, 5:8) and the exact number of humans on earth that God allows to be saved and given a home in heaven (of course, 144,000, 7:4).

Yet no system of false doctrine has ever been more deeply indebted to the book of Revelation than “premillennialism.” Have you ever heard of talk that the Middle-East and its current political and military events will affect us and that one day soon a war called Armageddon is bound to occur there?  That is a premillennialism view.  Have you ever heard of an author named Hal Lindsey?  In the 70’s he co-authored a book named The Late Great Planet Earth that set out to explain end time prophecies and predict when Christ would return to earth to set up an earthly kingdom.  This false doctrine has been a best seller for years even with the secular publishers and has sold over 35 Million copies (http://www.raptureready.com/who/Hal_Lindsey.html). The New York Times called it the “no. 1 non-fiction bestseller of the decade”.  This is the premillennialism view.  What about this one…  Have you heard about or seen an incredibly popular book and movie series by Tim LaHaye called the “Left Behind” series?  To date this series has sold 63 Million copies (http://www.leftbehind.com).  It as well basis its story line off of the premillennialism belief.

As you see this belief is not something only held by a few or in a few religious bodies.  Premillennialism is a widely held belief by many and in many religious bodies.

So I want us to look at the question many in the world ask “Does Revelation 20 Teach Premillennialism?”  If we are not aware of these false teachings and aware of how we can show it to be false and contradictory to the Bible, then we are not doing our jobs as Christians.  So we must from time to time study the false teachings of men and equip ourselves so we can with love help those who have been taught this to find the truth about their salvation and the Day of Judgment.

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