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Which Bible Should I Use?

Which Bible Should I Use

As a preacher I am often asked the question, “What Bible Do You Use?”  Inevitably the conversation will at some point turn to the next question, “Is There Really A Difference” or “Does It Really Matter?”  After a great deal of personal study on this topic my answer is, yes, yes it does matter!  Unfortunately, many today who are seeking the truth of God lack knowledge about all of the different versions that are offered today.  For example, in regards to a poll taken about Bible translation among students at a religious college the author wrote – “they (college students) begin with the premise that all modern translations are equally accurate as renditions of the original text, and that the only basis for preferring one over another is the criterion of readability” (Choosing a Bible, Ryken, pg.5).  Let’s take a look at the differences in translations that are offered today to see if the only difference is truly just “readability.”  My hope is that this will help you make a more educated decision on what translation you choose to read and study from.  Continue Reading…

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